As our technology is Advancing so a need for Artificial intelligence is increasing. So from there, the need for Internet on technology Home based products have increased. So these are the list of Top 5 IOS-Based Home products

Ellipse By Lattis

Ellipse is a smart bike lock that connects via your phone to provide entry without key using Bluetooth. It is also responsible for theft Detection, crash alerts and Self-charging through Solar Energy. It also provides a touchpad from where you can access your Password or keyCode of up to eight characters to Lock or unlock. So basically it is responsible for the security of your bike.

Features Provided By Ellipse


Ellipse will send you an alert if any person tries to steal your bike or is disturbing your bike with its technology of long ranged Bluetooth. You can change the Settings based on alert Sensitivity as per your requirements and manually turn some features off and on.

Resist Attackers of All Kinds

  • Ellipse has a thick 17mm thick steel shackle which according to them offers proven bike security
  • It has a dual locking mechanism which has to be physically cut through twice to break its security
  • Ellipse also comes up with bank-level encryption which is even difficult for a skilled hacker to crack

Keyless Entry

Ellipse doesn’t require a key as it unlocks and locks directly via your phone. You can also customize its settings in such a way so you can set it to lock and unlock automatically which means you don’t even need to use your phone only.

Self Charging

  • Ellipse comes up with a built-in solar panel which automatically charges its battery
  • It charges through normal usage in outdoor lights as well as indoor lights
  • You can  charge it through a Micro-USB charger


Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is basically a voice assistant but it can offer much more than that. You can offer various commands to Alexa like Play music, Search the Web, To-do lists, Get weather reports and also control various smart home products with it. It is almost like Siri (A voice assistant) in Apple Products. Just say the word Alexa before any command For Example Alexa, Play Music and if you want to be more specific Alexa, play a romantic song. So through its smart Intelligence Alexa will be able to do that. The output of our commands can be heard by us on a wireless Speaker. An Alexa works on Natural language processing system which is Impressive.


  • Clean Sound Quality
  • Responsive
  • Easy Accessibility
  • It controls various products of your home like Fan, TVs, Thermostats, garage doors, Sprinklers lock and more
  • Its handsfree


  • Software update takes a lot of time
  • People can track your location details using different techniques based on echo private conversations
  • Amazon echo  must be plugged in to use as it has no internal battery
  • Echo conversations can be accessed by others

Green IQ Smart Garden Hub

Green IQ smart garden hub connects via your Wifi – network or Mobile network to get weather forecastations from the weather station. By analyzing the weather forestation the device gets to know about the weather. For instance, will it be raining today or it could be sunny etc. On the basis of this analysis, this device comes up with the recommended water levels for your garden. if you want to create a schedule then this device also checks the prevailing weather conditions to adjust the watering levels. For example, if it is going to rain today it will skip watering for that day or reduce it according to your requirements. You can control your garden lightning according to the smart irrigation system provided by Green IQ smart garden Hub by which it gets to know its sunrise or sunset and can take decisions accordingly whether to turn the lights on or off.


  • It is the only device which uses wifi and Mobile Networks to connect to the internet in order to get weather forestation
  • You can use voice command to operate your irrigation system
  • This product is water-Resistant and energy efficient as it only uses 3.5 watts of energy
  • It is easy to use as you can assign different zones for watering and can check the status of each zone and can improve it as per your requirements
  • It provides cost-saving reports and accurate weather reports


  • Its competitor Rachio Iro is better as it provides 16 different zones than only 6 zones in Green IQ Smart garden Hub
  • It is expensive in comparison with its competitors like Blossom smart watering control
  • No touchscreen is provided
  • It is not yet WaterSense certified in comparison to its competitors


Tile is an App mainly for the purpose of finding keys and other Items. This app uses Bluetooth for locating lost items. It runs on a phone compatible with Android and Ios.

How it Works?

In order for it to work you need to attach the hardware device to your keychain or another item. After that, a user can locate the lost item or keep track of its item by Tile App. You can find your phone as well you just need to press the tile to make your phone ring. Tile can locate the object within a range of 150 foot. Generation 2 of have installed built-in speaker to their device which can be heard from a long distance. One can pair 250 tiles to one account of this app. Users get the notification when batteries are about to be depleted and they also provide the discount on their product


  • Easier to Find lost Items
  • It keeps track of phone, tablet, keys and more items
  • Built-in Speaker is loud enough
  • Compact design
  • Reasonable price


  • Un-Replaceable Battery
  • The geo-fence capability is not present
  • This app is filled with the untidy collection of things


August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation

It is an app that works with Alexa for door control. Its function is to control and monitor your door for anywhere. You can unlock and lock your doors directly from the phone which helps you to keep track of anyone who comes and who leaves directly by your phone. In order to keep this tracking, you need a door sense which needs to be installed for its working with the App. As door sense will be responsible for tracking activity at your doorstep. Its installation is easy it just takes 10 minutes for it to install


  • Control your door from anywhere
  • Easy Installation
  • Better than its competitors
  • Works directly from your Phone


  • Battery Life is Short
  • Minor Bugs occur
  • No Support for Siri
  • The requirement of August connect or August video is necessary


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