Why we need Online loans?


People sometimes need money on urgent basis. This is because a big expensive came up, or you have someone in your family who fell sick suddenly and you need money for it.  In simple terms you need money. You don’t have enough in your savings so you need money from someone else immediately. This is the reason you take help of an online loan. Now you guys must be wondering which Online loans are the best and the safest so here are the safest online loans that you can avail easily with low-Interest rate

 Bad credit loans and their solution

According to the recent reports, half of the people in the entire world save only up to $500 dollars. Meaning half the population in the world don’t have enough savings so they take the help of an online loan and suffers a bad credit. So what is the solution if you have a bad credit loan? The only solution is taking help from companies who don’t offer rigid deadlines and high fees.

Before going into deeper into this concept, you first need to understand what a bad credit loan is and who offers it. In layman’s terms, bad credit is a type of loan that is offered to people who have bad debt record or no credit.  These personal loans are offered by credit unions, online lenders and banks.

Please note that these loans offer high-interest rates to people who have bad credit score than to people who have a good credit score. A person can be defined as a bad credit account holder if the person has a FICO below 630. A chart given below will give you a clear idea

Bad credit loans monthly payments

These are the safest loans possible with very low bad credit Score

Now you might be thinking okay so if I have a bad credit score so lenders are going to charge me an extra rate of interest. The answer is sad yes.  When you have a bad credit score it means that you have a history of paying your debts late. So why should the lenders trust you in the first time and what guarantee will they have that you won’t be a loan defaulter with them. The lenders are risking themselves with a lot of money to a person who has a history of paying late or not paying at all. Thus to avoid these lenders charge a high rate of interest and eliminate any risky arrangements. For instance, take 100 people who borrow money and 80 of them payback. The rest of the 20 days late or doesn’t pay at all. So the lenders need to make enough profit from the 80 to cover the loss of 20. You need to realize that take bad credit monthly payments only if you are in desperate need of cash, otherwise, try to avoid it at all possible means.

Bad credit loans guaranteed approval

Some companies take a lot of time to approve money to a person who has a bad credit score.  On the contrary, there are some companies like 12M loans on an instant basis. This company offers loan to the bad credit holder on the same day, the person applies for a loan. These Loans gets Approved Easily guaranteed

Three simple steps are needed to follow this process:

  • Log in to the website and start filling an online form. The best thing about this is the fact that it is completely paperless. Meaning you don’t have to worry yourself about the paperwork and all the troubles that come with it. The process is fast, easy and effective.

  • All you need to submit is your address details and minimum requirement of your authentication. Once this process is completed you can apply for the loan almost instantly.

  • Once approved you will receive the fund the same day or the next day to be precise. The process is kept quick and confidential so you don’t worry about your personal information getting leaked.

People who have used the services of this website have been happy and satisfied. The website is filled with positive reviews from the customers which can be found in the testimonial section. All these points and testimonials indicate Bad credit loans guaranteed approval can be generated by using this website.

An online loan with monthly payments


These are loans which have to be paid back to the lender or a company within a specific date in a month. Now there are a lot of companies that offer an online loan with monthly payments but all are not genuine so it is very important to take services from legal and safe ones.  In addition, taking online monthly payments improves your credit score and the convenience of payment.

Convenience of payment

Taking an online loan lets you choose the amount of loan and your repayment option. Please keep in mind that your net income and the state you live in will influence the amount of loan you can apply. All the factors will determine how many loans can be initiated to your account and what is the interest that will be charged in your loan. The best thing is that you will have the ability to choose a method of payment that suits your need

Credit score

Using the help of a monthly loan, you are demonstrating that you pay your loan in time so that has a positive review on the credit score. Lenders will see that you are quick to repay back a loan so they will not give you a high interest rate and rigid deadlines. You can buy a home or a car easily when you have a good credit score.


When you want an online loan from a company, it requires someone who will sign the agreement for the loan with you.  In simple terms, the cosigner takes the responsibility you and will be charged to pay the debt if you fail to repay the loan in time. The main reason why financial institution needs a cosigner is that they need additional security to fall back on if the original payer makes any defaulters.

Things to consider

Please note that not all companies believe in the concept of a cosigner, so no need to get upset. There some companies and online lenders will provide you a loan even if you don’t have a cosigner. In addition, there are companies which will provide you family repayment. Meaning even if you don’t pay back the loan, a member of your family can do that for you. Now keep in mind certain points if you are thinking of taking an online loan

  • Loan amounts

  • Interest rates

  • Repayment terms

This article will list the top 4 online loans company which provide an easy and convenient mode of repayment. All the details will be listed below so that you can make your own individual choice.






Instant loan


Can be for 24 months

7.98%- 14.99%


Not required



From 24 months to 84 months






Can be from 24 months to 60 months


Freedom plus

Not required



Can be from 3 to 60 months



Not required


Instant online loans

There are situations where instant online loans can be a lifesaver.  Instant online comes as a great advantage during a medical emergency.  Some financial institutions facilitate this kind of loan within 24 hours. In addition, there are some lenders who release cash in liquid form without any paperwork. In such time of the loan, there is no need for eligibility and cash will be in your hand within a matter of minutes. Now you may have questions like: is this loan even safe? What’s the repayment method for such a loan? Don’t worry this article have got you all covered.

These are Instant online loan providing companies and they provide these loans

So instant loan is an agreement between the borrower and the lender. The lender issues the liquid money from his own pocket and fixes a time of agreement for repaying it. This kind of loan is easy and simple. In simple terms, it’s like taking money from a friend which does not involve any hassle and paperwork. Please note that its regular loan and the instant loan is very different. In a regular loan, the amount to be given is pretty high. This amount loan is issued for buying a house or a car but in case of an instant loan the principal amount is very less and using involves short repayment time.

Criteria for loan

Now just as a regular loan, there are some things that need to be kept in mind. Firstly to apply for an instant loan from a company or a lender you must have a job. In simple terms, the person who is taking the loan must be employed. In addition, the person should have a bank account and a salary statement. In case you don’t have a job then there some be some liquid cash in your bank account up to a certain amount.  Some financial institution doesn’t approve if you are not employed so at this time there is nothing you could do.

Repayment time and interest

The repayment time for such loans is usually months or weeks. The maximum extension that one could get is 6 months.  Please note that banks and lenders increase the repayment time if they are convinced to see that you are under of pressure to repay it within a given time period. Coming to the interest rate it is is generally high since lenders provide you with instant cash.


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