Gartner Storage Magic Quadrant 2019


This article will enlighten you about all the details that you need to know about Gartner storage magic quadrant 2019. Furthermore, this article will enlighten the reader about the benefits of the magic quadrant and also provide a step by step guide on how to use it.


Gartner storage magic quadrant is an industry report that helps it industry in terms of data storage. By using the Gartner report your company will you get to know the disk array market better, will know your competition and will help you analyze the data solution that can benefit your company.

Who is the Best Storage Vendor for Gartner Storage Magic Quadrant?


Pure storage is one of the most renowned storage vendors in arrays which are related to the solid state. They work in the collaboration which Gartner. Inc. which is a research firm. Gartner. Inc. help businesses leaders take critical decisions or provide advice for business decisions. Most of the business leader turns towards this company for strategic advice, trusted insights, and practical tools

Pure storage started in 2009. From its start, they have shown the adoption of all-flash technology. The companies innovate approach was seen in pure1 management and hardware platform. This software vendor showed in the evergreen business model in 2014. Since then it has experienced an increase in customer growth and now available in 25 countries and operates in major companies like Workday, skull candy, and LinkedIn.

Vendors like these have come up as the leader since they forecast completeness of a vision for the companies they are working with. Most of the companies trust pure storage because of marketing sales capabilities and credibility. The vendors have a clear understanding of the market needs, so they can understand what the customer actually wants. So they design models with accordance to the need of the customer.

The developers of pure storage said that they developed this company for reducing IT costs and meet customer needs. Furthermore, they stated that the gartner storage magic quadrant 2019 can give a competitive advantage for a company. Furthermore, this storage quadrant can use for analysis of large amounts of data. Recent reports have said that customers of pure were able to save $100 million from using magic quadrant. Furthermore, companies use this software since they are cost effective and budget friendly

What are the Benefits of Magic Quadrant?


Gartner storage magic quadrant gives a wide angle view to its customers and also shows their position on their market. With the help of a uniform set of evaluation and graphical treatment this software, they are able to provide reports on how technology providers are completing their stated missions.

How to Use Magic Quadrant?


Use magic quadrant to analyze the technology providers to choose the best vendor who can bring investment opportunity to your business. Now it has to be noted that know magic quadrant provides four sets of subclasses that like visionaries, leaders, challengers, and niche players. Focusing on the leaders is the best course of action. The four subclasses provide a clear view of the market challenges. Thus it can say that magic quadrant 2019 helps to align your business goals with your provider.

  • Leader: They are well settled for tomorrow and they also execute their plan properly.
  • Visionaries: They have the vision of changing the market situation but due to some reasons they are not able to execute well.
  • Niche players:┬áThese are a set of people which do not have any innovate ideas and can,t outperform others.
  • Challengers: They are the set of people who are able to dominate a large segment of people. They do not provide a clear demonstration of market understanding.

What are the Features of Magic Quadrant?


With the use of magic quadrant, you will able to set of priorities, need and goals for their companies. The interactive feature that is present in the in the quadrant enables you to make a client-centric quadrant which enables you to improve the business of your company. Thus with the magic quadrant, you will be able to take difficult decisions for your company and also make internal analyses. Furthermore, this magic quadrant can bring together peer insights reviews and expert opinion to provide your company with enhanced experience. Peer reviews are important so that you will get to know what people think about your enterprise.

What are Additional Perspectives of Magic Quadrant?

Additional perspectives will help you to view magic quadrant through a specified lens and provides you with insights like the company size, region, and key industry. This is helpful as it provides analyst commentary on notable vendors and market basis. Thus magic quadrant provides you with customizable viewpoint and provides you with criteria’s which is important to you.

How Magic Quadrant Helps You?

  • If you want to know about the competing marketing technology then magic quadrant is the best available option
  • Provides a clear understanding of how technology providers are using strategies for end business
  • Can tell you about the challenges and strengths of technology provider

How Can You Annually Update Your Magic Quadrant?

In order to this, you need to hire an analyst who would update your companies data according to the market needs. The update will include the changes made from the previous year and redefine vendor inclusion, market definition, and evaluation criteria. In order to get this proposal accepted it needs to pass through analyst team manager and the agenda manager. Now it has to be noted that no changes are needed in if there is no update for the period of one year.

How Does Vendor Conflict the Magic Quadrant?

An analyst will send an official email to its vendor stating how the magic quadrant will work according to the business goals. Once the email is accepted by the vendor then the analyst sends the evaluation criteria, inclusion criteria and market definition. Thus for processing new magic quadrant the notification from the vendor usually takes about 8 to 20 weeks before any publication is made.

Can a Vendor Opt in or Opt out From the Magic Quadrant?


Vendors are only contacted if they are found to meet the business goals with the company. Thus if the vendor meets all the business requirements then it is included in the magic quadrant or else it is opted out.

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