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There might be quite a lot of Entertainment applications which have emerged lately but only a few could make it to the good books. And Vidmate app being one of the best platforms for video playing as well as downloading, has garnered a lot of popularity within a short span of time.

People got extremely exhilarated when Netflix came into the picture. Generally, users love utilizing the app for the initial month but many have uninstalled it right after the completion of the initial month as the platform starts charging for its service right after that. Therefore, Vidmate could very well stand out in its own right as the service is completely free and this is one of the biggest reasons why people end up downloading the app.

Features of Vidmate App

Vidmate Apk

Whenever a new application gets rolled out, people generally look for the features. Vidmate App for Android is indeed equipped with one of the best facilities and keeps away every single woe related to entertainment. We have spoken about some of the features related to the platform below which might help you in understanding the Vidmate App better.

  • One of the biggest features of the platform is certainly free of cost service which is why Vidmate today has fetched the limelight.
  • The content of the video streaming application is quite enriched due to which you face having a problem related to watching the movie or the TV show of your choice. Right from an old popular and a cult film to a newly released superhero film, the app offers you all.
  • One of the most favorable features of the video streaming and downloading service is providing cricket highlights for various sports websites which include ICC Cricket and ESPN.
  • The format of the video can also be chosen while downloading them through VidMate. Therefore, this is yet another convenient feature that the video streaming service sports.
  • You can also get quite an easy access to video sites like YouTube, Yodesi, Instagram, Vine, and so on with the help of Vidmate App.
  • Many of you might know that the video downloading as well as streaming service features Bollywood and Hollywood films. But for those who didn’t know, Vidmate also offers films which are made in vernacular or regional languages.
  • The developers of the app did think about the music lovers while creating the platform as they can get to download and listen to over 500,000 tracks through the application.And when we talk about the availability of songs on Vidmate, the users can get introduced to International as well as regional songs due to which the options that they would get will be plenty.
  • This great app happens to cover almost 200 live TV series which fall under different genres like Fashion, music and so on.
  • The video playing service also provides recommendations regarding TV shows which are featured on networks such as Star World, Zee, Sony and etc.

Download Vidmate APK (Latest) for Android

download vidmate apk

Many of you who have tried downloading Vidmate app earlier might have faced complications like internet issue. To check the internet issue just check your internet speed.  Some Android users may have searched for the video streaming platform on Google Play Store as well but the app is not available there directly. First and foremost, you need to download its APK file and only then can you enjoy the platform. So, here is the proper guidance to download Vidmate Apk for Android which you can go through.

Step 1  =>Firstly, you need to click on the Settings of your Android device which will lead you to the Security section. And once you are done with that, you would require enabling Unknown Sources on your device in order to allow the installation.
Step 2 => Right after you get done with the very first step, click here to download Vidmate APK.
You can now save the Vidmate.Apk file in a folder according to your feasibility and tap on it to follow the method which it shows.
Step 3 =>The App is now ready to use and you can get access to all the latest TV shows as well as movies.
The method applied for downloading Vidmate APK for Android is not complicated but one has to follow the steps given above carefully.
After getting an idea of how great the Vidmate App is, even the Windows users might want to know about the platform’s compatibility with Windows devices. There are certainly quite a lot of hacks which can be applied to get Vidmate for Windows. But it is equally important for one to know about its system requirements.

Vidmate for PC: Minimum System Requirements

  • You need to have a minimum of 20GB space in your system.
  • The RAM should be of minimum 512MB.

Download Vidmate for Windows PC (3+ Methods Explained)

vidmate for pc

There are quite a few hacks which can be applied for downloading Vidmate for PC. But today we are going to talk about three methods which are not that complicated and quite easy to follow. Therefore, you can take a look at the procedures given right below.

Vidmate Download for PC with Andy Android Emulator

Andy android emulator
Andy android emulator

Andy happens to be an Android emulator and provides a smooth sync between smartphones and the desktops. It allows users to enable app download from desktop browsers directly to the operating system of Andy. Therefore, downloading Vidmate for PC with the help of Andy sounds like a good option. Here’s how you can get the application via Andy emulator.

Step 1 => First of all, you need to download Andy via the Android net. The emulator will be easily available out there.
Step 2 =>Right after getting done with the first step, start downloading Vidmate APK file for free. But before that, you need to go to the Settings of your device and turn the Unknown Sources section on.
Step 3 =>Once the Vidmate APK is installed, open the app with Andy as it will be located in the app tray.
Now you are good to go and enjoy the App by watching numerous entertainment videos on it.

Get Vidmate for PC Using Nox App Player

Nox player

Yet another Android emulator which is a great option for downloading the Vidmate app is the Nox App Player. Right from a gaming app to an entertainment one, you run everything on Nox App Player. So, check out the procedure required to be followed to download Vidmate for PC with the help of using Nox App Player

Step 1 => Firstly download Vidmate app for PC via Nox App Player and then right away run it on your PC.
Step 2 =>After following the first step starts off with the installation process of Vidmate for PC  And then save in the folder which according to you would be convenient.
Step 3 =>Open Nox App Player and add Vidmate APK from the folder where you had stored it.
The App is now ready to explore and you can go ahead with it by watching movies, shows and so on.

Download Windows for PC by Using Remix OS

Remix Os

Remix OS will let you run the PC optimized version of the operating system Android on computers. The method required for downloading Windows for PC through Remix OS is quite easy. So get an insight into the procedure given right below.
Step 1 => Your very first step should be downloading the Remix OS for PC
Step 2 => Then  downloading Vidmate APK and all you will require doing would be clicking on it and it will automatically get downloaded on your PC.
Step 3 => You can now open the folder where you have downloaded the apk. Bring the APK file to the home screen of Remix OS and then you will be through.

Vidmate for Mac (What’s the Fuss About it)

Vidmate might be available for Android but you will not get the app directly on Google Play Store. And talking about its availability on Mac devices, it seems that it is not a possibility as of now. There are quite a few alternatives for this amazing video streaming app which is available for the Mac devices. But Vidmate for Mac can surely be a possibility in the future.

Vidmate for Blackberry OS Powered Devices

vidmate for blackberry
vidmate for blackberry mobiles

Just like Android devices, Vidmate App is also not directly available for Blackberry devices. But there are certainly quite a few ways through which you can get the video streaming and downloading platform on the devices running on Blackberry. It can only be compatible with those Blackberry devices which are of 10.2.1 version or even higher than that such as the Blackberry Z3, Blackberry Classic, and Blackberry Leap. You can go through the pointers given right below which will help you in understanding how to use Vidmate for Blackberry.

Step 1 => The first step would be to open this particular page through your Blackberry device and then download Vidmate apk via the link given on the website.
Step 2 => Click on the download folder and search for the APK file which you downloaded earlier.
Step 3 =>Now tap on the apk file and then you will be asked for granting permission for allowing it to install. Follow the procedure and you will be through.

Vidmate Alternatives: 5 Similar Apps like VidMate

alternatives of vidmate

There are several alternatives available for Vidmate but we have discussed five of them. Each one of these applications is quite alike and have garnered great reviews. So you can go through all the 5 Vidmate alternatives provided below.

SnapTube– This particular video playing application is known for discarding annoying advertisements when one tries to watch entertainment videos on it. SnapTube also happens to be a free entertainment app.

Cartoon HD– The video content which you will find on Cartoon HD is quite enriched as the platform provides movies, reality TV show videos, TV series, animated videos and so on. Therefore, Cartoon HD is also a great alternative for Vidmate.

Showbox– It has been said that Showbox has got the most amount of positive responses as every other day some or the other person downloads the app. The downloading procedure of the app is certainly easy and you do not have to get yourself registered for using Showbox.

You TV Player– Yet another free entertainment video streaming platform which provides HD quality videos, You TV Player is also a free app which has gained a lot of popularity lately.

MovieBox– Right from a music video to a popular film to a trending TV series, MovieBox will offer you everything. You can even listen to songs on the app which makes Showbox and extremely favorable video streaming app.

Vidmate App FAQs:

vidmate Faq

Most Important Resources
Whenever we are introduced to a new app, several questions emerge in our mind. You may even have quite a lot of questions to ask regarding the Vidmate app. Therefore, the FAQs provided below could be of great help.

How to Download the Videos Through Vidmate
All you have to do is open the Vidmate App and search for the video which you are looking for. Tap on that particular video and you will be redirected to a link. Right after that, you will be shown a red button for downloading, tap on it and select the resolution of your choice and start the downloading.

How will You Check the Download Status
You can check the notification tray which is there in the app. That will keep you updated regarding the download status of your video.

How Will You Play the Downloaded Files
You will get to see the file located in the notification tray right after the completion of the download. Then click on it and you will be notified to run the video. And then you can select the video player on which you would prefer to watch the particular video.

How Would You Save the Downloaded Videos Privately
You can certainly keep your videos private on Vidmate. Once the video is downloaded you can go to the menu section and click on it. You will be shown the Private Space section, so tap on it and you will get to see a password. Select the file for it and then go through the procedure to follow it.

Wrap Up

Vidmate App is one of the best platforms for streaming videos as well as downloading them. Now that you have got a wide idea about the service, we hope that you understand the app better now. It has got an extremely convenient interface which makes its functioning quite convenient.


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