Aptoide lite is simply an alternative for google play. Hence google play being a direct rival of Aptoide doesn’t have Aptoide lite apk in play store. Any Android user who doesn’t download all his apps from the official Google Play Store has definitely heard about Aptoide.

This is the most popular and used app store which, in addition to all the apps available on the official market, also contains other studies banned by Google for legal reasons, such as modified game versions, YouTube video download apps, and even downloads. free apps that we normally should pay.

Millions of applications are ready for download and installation in APK format, enabling developers to offer their products through their own application stores.

About Aptoide Lite APK?

Aptoide has now introduced the official version of the app, which reduces 20 MB from the original APK to just 2 MB. In addition to the difference in weight of the app and some of the new features that we will discuss below, the Aptoide lite version offers us exactly the same catalog of apps with the same functions as the original app.

After the app launch, we can start browsing millions of apps, from classic Google Play games like Pokémon GO, Geometry Dash or Minecraft PE, to apps banned on the Google market like Tubemate or Lucky Patcher.

Just tap the Install button to get the desired app on our smartphone. Previously, it was necessary to enable the installation of unknown sources to use all these applications.

Features of Aptoide Lite: Version of Aptoide

The following application options show that both versions offer the same benefits and content:

Aptoide Lite Features
Aptoide Lite Features
  • App Store with millions of APK files that the user can download directly to their smartphone or tablet.
  • Integrated search engine for manual application search.
  • Includes applications that originally require payment, but can be downloaded for free, such as Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas and more.
  • Includes thousands of applications only available in the Aptoide catalogue.
  • The store displays lists of popular applications, the latest add-ons, the best applications or applications recommended by Aptoide publishers.
  • This allows us to verify that we have installed the latest versions of the application on the Updates tab and automatically purchase those that are not updated.
  • The Stores tab allows us to add third-party application repositories.

Requirements For Download Aptoide Lite APK

If you want to download Aptoide lite apk you first need to know about the minimum requirements of your android device.

  • Your android version is 4 or above.
  • Good internet connection.

How to install Aptoide Lite APK on Android?

The application is not available on Google Play, but it is easy to install the Aptoide Lite APK on our smartphone or download our tablets APK on the official website or a link to download this destination. Download the application to download the application from this alternative store. You do not need to register or log in, although creating a free account can give us additional benefits.

Step 1. Go to the official website and download Aptoide lite.
Step 2. Find the downloaded files and install the app.

Aptoide Lite APK Install
Aptoide Lite APK Install

Step 3. If you are installing the app for the first time, you need to enable – Allow unknown sources to install.

Aptoide Lite APK
Aptoide Lite APK

Step 4. In some time your installation would be complete.

Aptoide Lite
Aptoide Lite

Step 5. Open the App and you will find trending apps and games inside, ready to download.

Aptoide Lite
Aptoide Lite

Differences between Aptoide and Aptoide Lite

As we have said before, the main difference between the two applications is that the Lite version weighs less than 2 MB. However, while the catalogue of downloadable apps is exactly the same, as are the store’s features and lists, there are some changes that allow this memory difference.

The biggest difference, at first sight, is the interface. The original store has a much more sophisticated design in a distinctive orange hue, with high-quality images and videos, complete data sheets with lots of information, many more visual and download animations and transitions. In contrast, Aptoide Lite has a blue colour and makes it very simple.

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Final Words

For all these reasons, this lightweight version is perfect if we have an older Android device that needs help with heavy graphics and is happy to save as much memory as possible. Aptoide is the best alternative to Google Play, an Android app store where you can find millions of totally free apps and games. If you already installed Aptoide lite apk and using the Aptoide lite already, let us know in the comment below, what is your favorite feature of the app. Do follow us for more such information.


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