Are you still so broken up about a previous romance that you can’t love someone new? Do you consider your ex to be your TOTGA, or “the-one-that-got-away”? After all, how would you know whether it was really love?

Make sure you truly love your ex before deciding to seek him or her again. Being in and out of a toxic relationship is taxing, therefore if it is not pure love, you should walk out of it forever.

So, how can you know whether you truly love your ex? Here are several indications of real love following a breakup:

You Never, Ever Let Go

15 Clearly Visible Signs of True Love

1. You Can’t Get Rid of the Things That Remind You of Your Ex.

People who are determined to move on would be bold enough to let rid of their ex’s presents and other possessions. It may take some time for some, but it will not be difficult to accomplish after some time. However, if you are still unable to let go of such items after several years, it indicates that you have not forgotten the individual.

2. You continue to stalk the person even after many years have passed.

How long have you been separated? If you’ve been separated for years and you still check your ex’s timeline, there’s a chance you miss them. Then, of course, you must assess your motivation for stalking. Some stalk their ex-partners because they want to watch them suffer.

3. You continue to have dreams about the person even after a long time has passed.

While it is common to have dreams about people who have been a part of your life, it is annoying to have dreams about someone even after years of not being linked. It may not happen every night, but such dreams frequently occur at the most unexpected moments, leaving you stunned upon waking up.

4. You Can’t Avoid Going Down Memory Lane.

Do you still talk about your time together? Do you sense comfort and enjoyment when you recall happy memories? If you answered yes, that individual certainly has a particular place in your heart and thoughts.

5. Your favorite theme songs haven’t changed.

Do you still sing along to your favorite songs? Do you still have them on your playlist? If you still get emotional when you hear certain tunes, you haven’t really recovered. And it’s evident that you still have feelings for the individual.

6. You still cry about your failed relationship every now and again.

One clue that you genuinely loved an ex is regretting that your love story had to stop. When was the last time you sobbed because you couldn’t get over a failed relationship? You are still in love with the individual if it happened recently, such as yesterday or early today.

You Will Always Be Concerned

15 Clearly Visible Signs of True Love (4)

7. You want the person to be happy even if you are not present.

Selflessness characterizes true love. If you are still concerned about your ex’s well-being and happiness, it demonstrates that you love the individual. It doesn’t matter if you’re no longer a part of it; their success and happiness will always mean a lot to you. Even if your ex found new love, you would choose to be happy even if it hurts.

8. You are concerned whenever you learn that your ex is ill or in trouble.

Your genuine compassion for the person is another clue that you still love your ex. You can’t help but be concerned when you learn that your ex isn’t doing well. If the individual was unwell or in pain, you would undoubtedly come to their aid.

9. You Are Proud When Someone Achieves Success.

Do you applaud your ex’s success? Are you still pulling for the individual even if you are no longer together? If you are still proud of your ex, even for minor achievements, it is apparent that you have true feelings for the individual.

10. You will always be willing to assist others.

You still care for the individual if you can’t stop yourself from helping your ex anytime they’re in need. What matters more to you is the person’s well-being, regardless of the sorrow they caused you.

11. You continue to defend the person even though you are no longer together.

Do you get enraged when someone disparages your ex? Will you engage in a debate with someone who criticizes them? If you have cared about your former partner’s reputation up to this point, and you are wounded anytime you hear unfavorable things spoken about that person, you still care.

You Desire The Person

15 Clearly Visible Signs of True Love (5)

12. You would jump at the chance to see your ex again.

Do you avoid running into your ex? Do you want to see that person even if you can only view them from a distance? Of course, you may miss someone while not wishing to see them again. If you still desire to see them after a long time apart, it is a symptom of a deep-seated longing that does not fade with time.

13. You Really Miss That Person.

Concerning No. 12, missing someone even after being separated from them for a long period is a sign of deep love. If you’ve been in multiple relationships, you’ll agree that you don’t miss all of your ex-partners. So, if this one ex has lingered in your heart and memory for a long period and you miss them terribly, it is clearly love.

14. You wish you could go back in time and spend more time with your ex.

You are still in love if you miss your ex so much that you wish you could travel back in time to be with them. It’s also conceivable that you’re convincing yourself that if you could go back in time, you’d do everything you could to salvage your relationship.

15. You want you could still end up together, no matter how unlikely it appears.

And what is the clearest indication that you still love your ex? It’s wishing that at the end of the day, you’d still be in that person’s arms. You may not understand how it could happen (particularly if your ex is currently with someone else), but you still wish you had another opportunity in the future.

Decide To Heal

If you’ve recognized that you still love your ex, you have two options: fight for your love or go on. You might also wait for time to provide you a second opportunity, and ideally, when it comes, you’ll both be healed from the past.

Of course, you have no influence over the circumstance. However, don’t let the fear of losing the person you love drive you to pursue a reunion when neither of you is ready. It may cause extra discomfort.

So, what is the best course of action? Choose to heal for the time being. Believe that if your love is genuine, this season will simply serve as a purifying fire to enhance your bond. And if you’re destined to be together, you’ll meet paths again and have a second shot at love.


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