The accessories for the mobile phone cases have several functions: protect the device, expand or enhance its functions and also complete our personal look. Keys to choose.

How many times did you drop your cell phone? Many, surely. And to the falls you have to add the time’s someone sat on it or threw water or soda on it. We use them all the time and in the most diverse places and the chances of breaking it are many. That is why it is key to protect the mobile phone with specific accessories for each brand and model. We tell you what you should know about cell phone designs to take care of and, in passing, give a look according to your style.

The accessories for the phone are fashionable and the options are so diverse that it is difficult to decide and choose the appropriate protection. The first thing you have to do is take a few minutes to think about what you need. Consider having a case is a good investment since your phone cases will last much longer and you will not spend on repairs or a new phone because yours broke.


Types of cell phone cases

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The first thing you will find when looking for cell phone cases is that you have to be clear about your brand and your model to buy well, but each phone has cameras and charge cards in different places.


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The English meaning of bumper is nothing more or less than “bumper”. Simple, discreet and inexpensive, bumpers consist of sidebands that offer protection only by the edges of the device. It covers and helps to preserve the most important operative part of the mobile because even if it leaves the back to the air when it falls it will be able to protect it from the blow.

On the other hand, bumpers allow caring for the cell phone without substantially modifying its aesthetics. They come designs in different materials such as aluminium, plastics and rubber and, usually, are cheaper. However, the reality says something else: according to an analysis carried out by the company Zepper, the main cause of a broken screen is that the cellphone is hit in one of its corners.


Silicone or TPU cases

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The silicone sleeve and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) are, without a doubt, the ones that are most popular today. They are the ones that cover the sides and the back part and there are multiple designs that are combined with other materials to offer the safest possible protection to your cell phone. Most of them have a rubber finish that offers a better grip and prevents slipping.

These covers substantially modify the original design, but at the time of a fall, they completely protect the equipment, provided they are thick enough. In addition, they cover the glass slightly in front and protect the rear part from can watch heavy animes from gogoanime and your phone doesn’t warm too much because this phone cases is anti heat.


Full covers or with Lid

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The covers with covers are the most elegant among the standardized protections. They are the most chosen by the female audience and by men who want to show a more refined image. They have the advantage of providing more privacy.

In general, they are made of leather, leather or eco-leather and some come with slim interior compartments that allow you to store credit cards or the SUBE.

The protection they offer will depend a little on the model. Concentrating on the external protection of the glass, these covers take care of your cell phone from falls and scratches on the screen if you carry keys or coins in your pants.

As they do not modify the thickness of the device much, they are easy to store. They even come with magnets on the lid to make it easier to close properly and the phone does not unintentionally trigger. There are also some that bend, working as lectern support, similar to the smart cover of the iPad and other tablets. Since the prices vary depending on the brand and material.


Hard cases

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They are the safest and are prepared to suffer impacts and inclement weather when we are out in the open. It is ideal for lovers of extreme sports. They have reinforced corners to prevent damage in the falls and, most of it, it is made with a rubbery material that prevents it from slipping. On the other hand, these covers physically highlight the buttons making it easier to use the phone.


Cell phone cases for sports

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The great amount and versatility of the applications for exercise gave rise to the need to create protectors for cell phone cases that allow jumping, running, jogging, doing push-ups and a number of outdoor activities without generating risk to the cell phone. They are known as “cell phone bracelets” and there are different options in the market.

These covers, in general, fit the arm or waist and have them as main objective to protect the cell phone from dust and water, while giving us the opportunity to control our athletic performance. They are the ideal complement to wearables.

They are usually made of high-quality neoprene lightweight nylon to provide maximum comfort and agility while training and have a comfortable fit around the arm. You have to choose the one that is specially designed for each device, to connect headphones or other accessories to the phone.


Custom cases for your cell phone

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Since the triumph in the global market of some specific models, many manufacturers of smartphone covers have been inclined to repeat quite conventional designs. Those who want to break the mould can choose more original designs or even custom cases for the cell phone.

With your favourite figures or personal photos, you can make your case a unique and exclusive accessory. Generally resolved in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a flexible print is made on the cover (it is not a skin or a vinyl stuck on the cover), which allows it to be folded without any problem since it does not break the paint.

Another fundamental accessory to take care of the phone, besides the case, is the protective glass, which in general is a plastic or acrylic that takes care that the screen does not break before bumps and falls.


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