The Sudoku Kingdom is as simple and as addictive to any mind. Any person of any age could get addicted to the game. It is simple yet challenging. I remember, when I started playing the game I was just 12-13 year old. To my brain then, the game was equally challenging as it is now. The Sudoku Kingdom has this simplicity and this variant in its form to engage anyone who gives it a try.  Here we discussed all levels of Sudoku like Sudoku hard, Sudoku medium and Sudoku easy and also knows about the sudoku solving techniques.

What is Sudoku and how is it played?

Sudoku is an easy to learn logic-based number-placement puzzle. The goal is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers so that each column, row and each of the nine 3×3 subframes that make up the grid.

Partially filled grid, which has a unique solution for a well-placed puzzle. Completed games are always a kind of Latin square with an additional restriction of the content of individual regions.

For example, the same integer may not occur twice in the same row, column, or one of the nine 3×3 subregions of the 9×9 card.

The Sudoku Kingdom got its roots in Japan

Sudoku has become sizzling in the US and Europe market, developed in the Japanese gaming industry. The complete concept of a puzzle game is unique to keep anyone engaged and boost the thinking capacity. It is cheap, the Sudoku Kingdom is a free game that can be found every day, in magazines and on websites, logical thinking and free time are very addictive.

Sudoku Kingdom Website

The Sudoku Kingdom is a website designed to play games of Sudoku. You can play Sudoku online for free in the Kingdom of Sudoku and win some exciting rewards. At the end of the month, you will get an ebook comprising 48 Sudoku puzzles for lucky five users who wins 100 points or more.

Winners will be chosen with shuffle and will be based on your luck. Players with a high score will be displayed on the website, and the maximum number of points per day is 128.

sudoku kingdom
sudoku kingdom

Sudoku Kingdom difficulty level

The Sudoku Kingdom is categorized in three difficulty levels, viz., sudoku easy, sudoku medium, sudoku hard. Though all the three are equally challenging, let us preview the difference in brief here:

Difficulty levels in sudoku :

Modern sudoku puzzles are classified according to the level of difficulty of the techniques required to create a solution. It is important to keep in mind that there is no standardized system or standard metric, but is based on qualitative assessments.

Level 1- Beginning Easy Sudoku:

Puzzles can be easily solved by reducing the possibilities of a square to one and filling it out.

Level 2- Moderate Easy Sudoku:

Puzzles use the occurrence of number pairs within a block (cell, row, or column). This includes pairs of numbers, strings of numbers and hidden pairs and chains.

Level 3 – Medium Sudoku:

Uses the X-Wing and Y-Wing techniques as well

Level 4- Moderate Hard Sudoku:

Usually requires Nishio or Forcing Chains (which effectively involves making assumptions and tracking their results)

Level 5 – Hard Sudoku:

Requires extensive test and error tables or lookup tables.

Rules and conditions

A sudoku puzzle consists of 81 cells divided into nine columns, rows and regions. The task now is to place numbers 1 through 9 in empty cells so that each number appears only once in each row, column and 3 × 3 regions. A Sudoku has at least 17 predefined numbers, but there are usually 22 to 30.

Solving Sudoku puzzle

There are two main techniques that can be used to solve a sudoku game. Crosshatching and Penciling In. These two techniques are simple, straightforward, reliable and sufficient to solve most standard sudoku puzzles.

Crosshatching Technique

With Scanning or Crosshatching method you can solve in mind.

First of all, chose a number you want to find a place for. Now you chose a 3×3 subgrid in which the chosen number is not present. Scan vertically and then horizontally for each column and row in the grid chosen.

Thus you end up marking at least one place for the number chosen. If you have found more than one place, go with another number with the same technique.

Penciling In Technique

To solve the hard Sudoku puzzles you will need to use pencil marks. It is important to understand that all sudoku puzzles require an iterative approach.

With the exception of the simplest puzzles, players must visit each one more than once. Fortunately, each successive application of solution techniques provides more complete cells.

Look at each cell in the grid and write in small numbers all the best fits for that particular cell.

Pencil marks help you to decide with advanced Sudoku solving techniques could be implemented.


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Sudoku Solving Techniques

There are mainly two types of sudoku solving techniques or sudoku solving tricks through which you can easily solve your sudoku puzzles or sudoku game.

1. Scanning techniques

Scanning in one direction:

Here, we will focus on box 2, which must contain 9 as every other Sudoku must. Check those box 1 and box 3. We can see that there are already 9s in row 2 and in row 3, which exempts the two bottom rows of box 2 from having 9. This fits e1 as the only possible square into which 9 can be placed in.

sudoku kingdom technique
sudoku kingdom technique

Scanning in two directions:

The same technique can be extended further by using the information of perpendicular rows and columns. Now, check where 1 can fit in box 3. Here, row 1 and row 2 contain 1s, leaving two empty squares in the bottom of box 3.

But the square g4 also contains 1, so no additional 1 is allowed in column g. This means that square i3 is the only place left for 1.

Sudoku Kingdom technique
Sudoku Kingdom technique

Searching for Single Candidates:

Only one number can be in a square as the rest eight will occupy the remaining row, column, and box.

Taking a careful look at square b4 we can see that 3, 4, 7 and 8 are already used in the same box, 1 and 6 are used in the same row, and 5 and 9 are used in the same column.

Eliminating all the above numbers leaves 2 as the single candidate for square b4.

sudoku solving techniques
sudoku solving techniques

Eliminating numbers from rows, columns, and boxes

There are more complex ways to find numbers by using the process of elimination. Here, the 1 in square c8 implies that either square e7 or square e9 must contain 1.

Whichever the case may be, the 1 of column e is in box 8. Thus not possible to have 1 in the center column of box 2.

So the only square left for 1 in box 2 is square d2.
Searching for missing numbers in rows and columns.

sudoku solving techniques
sudoku solving techniques

2. Analyzing Techniques: Sudoku Tips

Eliminating squares using Naked Pairs in a box.

Here, square c7 and square c8 in box 7 can only have 4 & 9 as shown with the red line below. We don’t know which is which, but we do know that both squares are occupied. In addition, square a6 excludes 6 from being in the left column of box 7.

As a result, the 6 can only be in square b9. Such cases where the same pair can only be placed in two boxes is called Disjoint Subsets, and if the Disjoint Subsets are easy to see then they are called Naked Pairs.

sudoku kingdom online
sudoku solving tricks

Eliminating squares using Naked Pairs in rows and columns.

The previous solving technique is useful for deducing a number within a row or column instead of a box. Here, we see that squares d9 and f9 in box 8 can only contain 2 and 7.

Again we don’t know which is which, but we do know that both squares are occupied. The numbers which remain to be placed in row 9 are 1, 6 and 8.

However, 6 can’t be placed in square a9 or in square i9, so the only possible place is square c9.

sudoku kingdom
sudoku solving tricks

Eliminating squares using Hidden Pairs in rows and columns.

Disjoint Subsets that are not recognized, at first sight, are called Hidden Pairs. In row 7, both 1 and 4 can only be in square f7 and square g7.

This means, 1 and 4 are a Hidden Pair, and that square f7 and square g7 cannot hold any other number.

Using this scanning technique, we can clearly see that 7 can only be in square d7.

sudoku kingdom
sudoku solving techniques

Eliminating squares using X-Wing.

The X-Wing technique is used in rare situations which occur in some hard sudoku puzzles. Scanning column we see that 4 can only be in square a2 or square a9.

Similarly, 4 can only be in square i2 or square i9. Because of the X-Wing pattern where boxes are in the same row or column, a new logic constraint occurs.

It is obvious that in row 2 the 4 can only be either in square a2 or in square i2. And it cannot be in any other square. Therefore 4 is excluded from square c2, and square c2 must be 2.

sudoku kingdom
sudoku solving techniques

How to Improve your sudoku skills

Setting a timer

If you do not want to lose too much time playing Sudoku, start with just 5 minutes. Seriously. Set a stopwatch or the timer. Give yourself five minutes and only five minutes.

If you limit the time you spend, you can focus on playing sudoku. Sometimes your brain is given the necessary momentum to improve your sudoku abilities when you impose a certain structure on it – with a 5-minute timer.

Concentrate on a single row, square, or column

An entire 9×9 sudoku grid can be overwhelming. Instead of worrying about the 81 fields in the grid, you can concentrate on just a portion of the grid. Concentrate on it and work on a single row, column, or square for five minutes. You will be surprised how many fields you can fill in 5 minutes if you exclude the other distractions.

Practicing a new technique for 5 minutes

If you are trying to learn new sudoku techniques, give yourself 5 minutes to do. Nothing but practice a particular technique. 5 minutes is a good time to do an intense “brain workout” without getting tired.

Getting a Quick Start

Some sudoku players make the mistake of rethinking and analyzing the sudoku grid. They may be too cautious or too hesitant to place numbers. Therefore never advance in solving the puzzle. Give yourself permission to go broke within 5 minutes and start the sudoku puzzle as soon as possible.

Final Words

You may find that the mental exercise of placing as many numbers as possible in 5 minutes as quickly as possible with these sudoku solving techniques.  The Sudoku Kingdom is a great opportunity to “Relax” and boost your decision making power with the Sudoku Kingdom.


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